Quality money committee allocations

The Quality money program is a partnership between the University of Calgary and the Students’ Union that allows the SU to direct the use of significant amounts of money coming from tuition towards initiatives that increase the quality of the student experience. This year the SU approved over $1.5 million in proposals from students, faculty and staff that students can expect to see begin to rollout within the year.

Associate Director Wellness- Chaplaincy Funding to the Multi-Faith Chaplains’ Center to hire an Associate Director for the Chaplaincy that will provide leadership for the centre. $45,000
MSC Furniture Upgrade Funding will allow for replacement of concrete benches located near the book store as well as adding seating to the second and third floor of the North and South Courtyard circles and installation of electrical outlets to for laptop use. $40,982
Canadian Roots This program will allow fifteen U of C students to embark on a 10 day trip to three southern Alberta Aboriginal communities where they will promote Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal student interactions, shared learning and cultural understanding. $17,399
Campus Improvement Fund Top-Up This top-up to the existing CIF will allow SU Faculty Representatives to continue to propose improvements to their faculty areas in the coming years. Since the program’s inception in 2005-2006 the CIF has provided $250,000 for student led projects. $230,060
Grad Class Legacy Project Graduating classes will have access to this fund to create projects symbolic of the graduates’ time and contribution to the university. $30,000
Locker Program Expansion This funding will provide an additional 250 lockers to be installed in areas of high demand. $87,153
MacHall Student Space Expansion The SU will renovate 2000 square feet of the MacEwan Student Centre to increase club space, add a “positive space” to the second floor, add new retail space and look at external renovations to improve foot traffic. This is added to the $300, 000 the SU received in 2007/2008 from the quality money committee for concept designs. $500,000
Movies That Matter Funding to continue the documentary series on campus, ensuring free admission to students and an honorarium for a student coordinator. $9,920
SWEEP: Summer Work Experience Subsidy Program The three-year program will provide financial aid to students working in summer jobs related to their degree by subsidizing their wages. $176,471
Safe Walk Radio Purchase Funding for four radio handsets and upgrades to Safe Walk’s scheduling system. $8495
Media Commons, Taylor Digital Library The funding will provide the new media commons with eighteen student multi-media Mac Pro computers, three edit suite computers and ten scanners. $153,500
Service-Learning and Student Engagement Instructors will be able to apply for grants of up to $1000 for development or redesign of service-learning courses at the U of C. $45,000
SU Communication Electronic Bulletin Board Initiative Two electronic display boards will be installed in MacEwan Hall, one outside the clubs area and another across from That Empty Space in an effort to reduce paper consumption and raise awareness. $7,760
SEXXXY Quality money will be provided to support the student employment opportunities available in the educational theatre production from 2010- 2013. $18,000
T&L Centre: Teacher Preparedness & English Communication Enhancement The Teacher Preparedness Program provides a learning opportunity intended to increase the confidence and effectiveness of graduate teaching assistants. The Educational Communication Enhancement Program provides support to instructors who may struggle with their English. $225,840

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