The Gauntlet Editors’ Recommended Blogs

Frank Chimero

If you saw that strange photo that circulated on the internet this week of a horse in an Apple Store, then you’re probably aware of Frank Chimero. The funny photo was accompanied by an even funnier thousand-word blog post.

Chimero is an illustrator, and you can tell he puts a lot of work and thought into his art. It’s often witty and well thought-out, but simple too. You find yourself saying, ‘Oh, I could have thought of that.’

It’s this same approach that he brings to his blogging. With his unique perspective he tackles anything and everything, from the aforementioned horse in the apple store to answering random questions from his readers. It’s always fresh, and it’s always entertaining.

Poor Girl Eats Well

Are you looking for something to eat that won’t make your taste buds dry up from boredom, or leave your wallet licking it’s wounds? Poor Girl Eats Well is a great place to get new, dynamic recipes for the cash strapped. With new recipes several times a week, as well as frugal shopping tips, PGEW offers up ideas that are delicious, healthy, and most importantly, cheap!

It’s a great starting place for first years just out from their parents’ kitchens, to forth years looking for something more interesting that pasta (again). The Auhor does a cost breakdown per portion of each meal, and although she’s living somewhere where avocados are a great deal cheaper than here, it’s still a good starting point, and a great inspiration base.

Ralree Manatee

Do you like manatees? Do you like poems about manatees?

That’s why I love Ralree Manatee’s Blog, first of all, it’s all poems about manatees like the name suggests. Secondly it’s only got three entries, so it’s easy to read and tell people that you’ve mastered it.

Here’s a taste:

“Grazing on forbs is a manatee’s bliss,

because without forbs, he would surely miss

a great nutritional source.”

Holy cats, I bet if manatees were able to understand human language and could also get someone to read this to them they’d mostly love it!

I adopted a manatee and I love him. His name is Margarito! He lost his right fin in a fishing net!

The Atlantic Blog

The Atlantic has been around since the 1800s, but their blog has only really been popular for the last five years or so. They have built off a simple concept. Take some of the journalism’s most respected writers, have them write all of the time and suddenly (to the reader, anyway) a website is created that users will want to check daily. Because The Atlantic covers such a broad range of topics, there is always something interesting going on. They are a great example of commentary that happens very quickly, yet is comparable to the quality of material one expects in a newspaper.

Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half is the brainchild of Allie Brosh, a girl who has capitalized on making images with Microsoft Paint. Ironic is in, including art that looks like it was drawn by a five year old.

Don’t let appearances fool you, though, this webcomic provides the masses with social wisdom. If you want to know how to get out of an awkward situation or cope with people who write “a lot” as one word,

Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks so because now Brosh makes a living illustrating for the intarwebs.

Screw InDesign and illustrator, I’m gonna mess around with paint.

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