The summer fruits of the Internet

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you are indeed a Chilean miner. Welcome fellow subterranean excavation enthusiast, we have much to discuss. By the Internet’s standards, four months is a very long time. Remember the vuvuzela? That delightful South African noise-maker which annoyed all of us for most of the World Cup? How could you, you were in a mine. Seeing as you’re now free, I will reward you with the fruits of the Internet, as judged by me and in no particular order. You’re welcome, enjoy your fruit.


As mentioned, these plastic horns were a blight upon the already noise-damaged hearing of television-watching soccer fans this summer when South African fans used them to remind players that they were playing sports.

Sad Keanu

It’s a paparazzi photo of Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich with a remarkable lack of enthusiasm. People decided to electronically edit, or ‘photoshop,’ this image. I don’t really understand the draw of this but that didn’t stop people from caring.

Double Rainbow All The Way

A YouTuber by the name of Hungrybear9562 posted a video of a rainbow. This wasn’t your ordinary rainbow, it was a double rainbow. His level of excitement is probably similar to what you yourself experienced upon crawling out of your dirt and soot covered mine. Naked, as your clothes were long ago burned as lamp fuel, you basked before the sun in what must have seemed like Eden. This is the bliss that Hungrybear expressed upon seeing this rainbow. At that moment he knew what he had to do, make Microsoft commercials.

Old Spice Guy

These were ads that became popular. While that itself is surprising, Old Spice’s campaign which followed up on the comments of users of social networking sites by having the star of the commercials address them is when this meme really became interesting.

You’re Holding It Wrong

Apple released another iPhone, rekindling the now annual frenzy of Internet nerd arguments. When critics realized that radio waves were impeded by flesh, new heights of hysteria would have been reached, had the Internet not already been prone to hysteria.

Bed Intruder

Antoine Dodson became famous after interviewed in a news report by WAFF-TV, which in true Internet fashion was quickly remixed and autotuned. My favourite is a rendition of the Gregory Brothers’ version played on the shamisen — a Japanese fretless 3-stringed instrument — by mikepenny01.

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