Cannon officially sworn in as new president

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon was officially inducted as the eighth president and vice-chancellor of the University of Calgary on Oct. 6.

U of C Chancellor Jim Dinning lauded Cannon’s strategic vision as well as her inspirational and transparent leadership.

“We opened our search to potential leaders and not just across Canada, but around the world,” said Dinning. “We were delighted to find among the many highly-qualified candidates that the best candidate was homegrown.”

Provost Alan Harrison said he was not surprised to find the successful candidate came from within the U of C.

“The people behind the success of this school, people like Cannon, have clearly established themselves as risk-takers and bold thinkers,” said Harrison. “She will continue to inspire, to innovate and to lead the U of C in exciting new directions in the years ahead.”

Student leaders from campus, including Graduate Students’ Association president James Lange, also came out to show their support of the president.

“We recognize that you cannot do it alone, you need our help,” said Lange. “I have no doubt that in five years the University of Calgary will be better than it is today.”

Students’ Union president Lauren Webber said working with Cannon over the past few months has been an honour.

“Students are proud to have a university president who has studied in the same classes, laboratories and hallways as they have,” said Webber.

Representatives from Queens, Bow Valley College, Mount Royal University, Grant MacEwan University, the University of British Columbia and others also extended enthusiastic greetings and well wishes with written contributions.

After Cannon received her parchments, she gave her first official address as president.

“I’m acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with this office,” Cannon said. “I am ready to invest all that I have into the future of this place, its people and its potential.”

Cannon told the crowd that it was time for the U of C to raise its profile even higher, outlining her three-part plan for the success of the school. Under Cannon’s leadership, students and staff can expect the administration to highlight the community, further the growth of research and strengthen the overall effectiveness of the institution.

Cannon emphasized leadership values such as transparency, collaboration and communication.

“The U of C must not only aspire to greatness, we must achieve it,” Cannon said. “Together we will build on a proud past and prepare for an exhilarating future. I’m ready. Let’s make this university great.”


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