Gauntlet Corrections

By Brent Constantin

While we strive to provide a service of reporting accurate campus news, occasionally we at the Gauntlet will get some of our facts wrong. The following is a list of mistakes we’ve made this year: A Feb. 17 article in the food and beverage section of the Gauntlet inaccurately listed asbestos as an ingredient in… Continue reading Gauntlet Corrections

Terse words in selecting strong passw••••

By Mohammad Albaba

User authentication, the process by which the identity of a person is verified, often relies on what the user knows (a password), what the user has (a card or physical key) or what the user is (a fingerprint). Password authentication is prevalent and widely used by modern applications and systems, making strong passwords important as… Continue reading Terse words in selecting strong passw••••

Spun: Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost

Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost is the first of a series of records featuring Calgary bands by the label Saved by Vinyl. Overall, experimental noise is the main river of sound, leading off into auditory tributaries of poppy surf rock, mournful shoegaze and over-indulgent psychedelia, all coexisting underneath a fog of ever-present distortion. Side A features… Continue reading Spun: Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost

Spun: Jamie Carrick

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” goes the common english axiom. But what about CDs? In the case of Late Nights and Candle Wax, Jamie Carricks first album, you could get away with it. The cover, much like the music, is cute, soft and minimal. The music is full of white space, as Carrick… Continue reading Spun: Jamie Carrick

Men’s hockey win back-to-back OT games

By Rhiannon Kirkland

The Dinos men’s hockey team played two games against the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns this weekend with surprisingly similar results. Both games were close ending with overtime wins for the Dinos. The first game was played last Friday in Lethbridge was high scoring. The Dinos played a strong first period with forward Reid Jorgensen scoring… Continue reading Men’s hockey win back-to-back OT games

Rugby women lose to Pronghorns, no longer in playoff contention

By Douglas Long

The University of Calgary Dinos women’s rugby team played the top-ranked team in the country, The University of Lethbridge Pronghorns, last weekend. The Pronghorns scored an early try and finished the test upping the Dinos 57-11. Fullback Sylvie Mullen recorded the first and only try of the game, as well as kicking two penalty kicks… Continue reading Rugby women lose to Pronghorns, no longer in playoff contention

Sportspinion: wild west NHL preview

By Mike Smith

With the NHL finally starting up, it’s time to preview the wild, wild west. How will the west be won? Despite this being an impossible question, it’s safe to say Canadian teams will be strong as always. On the west coast, the Vancouver Canucks made some possibly deadly, under-the-radar moves during the offseason, picking up… Continue reading Sportspinion: wild west NHL preview