Spun: Final Flash

Breakglass Studio, run by producer/musician Jace Lasek, has been home to some of Canada’s biggest names like Patrick Watson, Stars, Wintersleep and Wolf Parade, just to name a few. It’s no wonder that the debut album from Montreal’s Final Flash, Homeless, is nothing short of impressive having been produced and recorded at the same renowned locale.

The woody album art ties in with the recurring theme of nature in each of the songs. Their first single “Go Outside,” begins with a climactic rise that leads to a feel good, refreshing chorus that makes you want to do just that.

In track six, “The Black Flame in Me is a Red Flame in You,” the sitar is the star. Rishi Dhir of Montreal’s hindi-rock group Elephant Stone provides the psychedelic element with the classical Indian instrument while lead vocalist, Joey Chaperon Cyr, offers an aura of Jim Morrison à la Doors, allowing you to travel back in time to the late ’60s sans-hallucinogens.

Homeless cuts through the clutter by keeping things simple. It brings you back to the basics of rock with their mesmerizing melodies and thought provoking lyrics.

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