Powder Report: Lake Louise opens

For all the avid skiers and snowboarders out there keen for an early start, it’s time to get your boots ready and your winter tires on. Lake Louise opened this past weekend, the first mountain of the Canadian Rockies to officially open. Nakiska was poised to open, but was unable due to lack of snow. Although Louise only had one chairlift and three groomed runs available, they still managed to get enough snow for an early start.

To satisfy the needs of the park-rats, two 20-foot rails were set up along the main run so that park riders could get their daily dose of jibs. Since only three runs are open, discounted prices are in effect. Other than Louise, most mountains are poised to open early December.

“It’s good that they are open just because there’s a lot of people in town that just have the skiing itch and need to get out and ski,” said U of C ski club vice-president internal Geoffrey Hill. “I know that they host one of the first World Cup events of the year so they obviously start their snowmaking early so if the snow is there they might as well open and start bringing in money.”

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