Gauntlet Corrections

While we strive to provide a service of reporting accurate campus news, occasionally we at the Gauntlet will get some of our facts wrong.

The following is a list of mistakes we’ve made this year:

A Feb. 29 article entitled “Yoga, the real way” asked students to send their Visa numbers and security codes to the address listed. We have been informed the P.O. box was incorrect. Please forward to H4G 7Y9.

An Aug. 9 photo spread in the “Traveling for fish” section showed a series of images depicting a medical condition causing human genitals to appear like Sultana raisins. We were had. These were just raisins.

The Apr. 23 sports section of the Gauntlet listed the U of C Dinos water polo team as having a strong chance of success this season. We apologize, as we have forgotten to confirm their existence afterwards.

A Nov. 26 letter from Ugandan prime minister Apolo Nsibambi printed in the opinions section has been traced to the hated Warren Kizza Besigye Kifefe, traitor. Ignore this message of lies!

The June 3 one-on-one interview with R&B artist Small Donald contained the word ‘frunk.’ We used it to fit in hoping that Small Donald would like us. This was met with failure, thusly, frunk is not a word.

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