Snowfall somewhat inconveniences city

A completely typical snowfall in Calgary set citizens into a panic.

November flurries, which are average in every way for this time of year, enraged and confused drivers across the city.

“I just can’t believe it,” said 47-year-old Chad Nathans, who has lived in the same house for the past three decades of his life with weather conditions only experienced negligible changes during that time

The snowfall was accompanied with the exact same number of traffic accidents as 2009 and fewer than 2008 though local media have already named the five centimetres of precipitation as “something to look out for.”

“It’s absolute insanity out there,” said George Mulkin as he arrived six minutes late for work after stopping for a hot chocolate at Tim Hortons. “Almost didn’t get in today through all that snow!”

Children across town held out hope that school might be cancelled due to the weather despite the fact that no recent memory of a snow day exists.

Later that evening families silently congratulated themselves for surviving with an episode of Glee.

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