Spun: Avec Mes Mecs

If Humans’ debut release, Avec Mes Mecs, isn’t one of the best examples of cyberhallucinatory-exogenic-hyperaudio to date, then I don’t know what is. Since 2008, the Vancouver-based group have been turning people on to their sound, the ecstatic juxtaposition of eschatological concern combined with mother-dance herself.

As one of the most auditorily insightful acts to come out of the rainy west in a while, Humans have managed to create a sound envelops you like a constrictor entwining itself round the mind– you can feel it your feet, building up into the inexorable desire to bend your knees, shake in double-time, flail your arms and vibrate your molecular structure to the point of disintegration.

The album cuts into your consciousness quickly, swarming in through the ears and slithering straight for the spine with the song “Avec Mes Mecs.” As the album progresses towards the album’s big single, “Bike Home,” the corpus callosum melts as resonance fuses the hemispheres together. The closing track, “Wake Up,” is the finally force in the fragmentation of one’s musical ego.

After all, who knew that all we had to do was party?

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