Spun: Illuminaudio

With Illuminaudio comes evolution– Chiodos are out with the old and very much in with the new. The band’s new lineup looks significantly different than it did about this time last year and so it was inevitable that their sound would change.

What certainly could not be predicted was the direction the band’s evolution would take. The band’s debut studio album, All’s Well That Ends Well, introduced the post-hardcore world to Chiodos’ utterly sporadic style that so many fans now know and love. The success of the band’s so-called “difficult second album,” Bone Palace Ballet, showed the post-hardcore world that Chiodos, were decidely not finding things difficult.

With Illuminaudio, the post-hardcore world is finally given the record Chiodos here been promising. Chiodos have found the perfect equilibrium between the perhaps unintentional but quite genius song structures and unreserved quirky key changes showcased in All’s Well That Ends Well and the raw ambition and far-reaching aspiration so evident in Bone Palace Ballet.

Given the sheer magnitude of Illuminaudio, why Chiodos are supporting Atreyu on a Canada-wide tour and not on a headlining tour of their own baffles the mind.

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