Huskies eliminate Dinos

The Dinos women’s basketball playoff debut was cut short by the University of Saskatchewan Huskies after 76-68 and 75-64 losses. The first place Huskies haven’t lost since Oct. 30, giving them a 22-2 record.

Friday night’s game was led by Dino forward Ashley Hill with 16 points, forward Alex Cole with 15 and guard Tamara Jarrett who chipped in 12. Despite their efforts, it was not enough to overpower the CW giant. The Dinos took an early lead, but were unable to keep it falling 18-12 at the end of the first. The Huskies extended their lead to 40-24 by halftime. Calgary came alive in the second half outscoring them 44-36, but alas, it was not enough to claim a Dino win.

Saturday was no more generous to the Dinos than Friday. Hill knocked down 22 points and Cole netted 13, while three Dinos pulled down six rebounds: Cole, forward Kiersten Hilton and guard Tilly Ettinger. The Huskies took the lead and kept it out of arms reach for the Dinos the entire game, but the largest lead in the first half was only by eight points. At halftime Calgary was down 30-24. The closest the Dinos would come in the second half was within six points.

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