Letter: BSD ads objectify women

By Dana Hercbergs, Ph.D.

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to fill out the recent survey regarding women’s issues on campus, and wanted to bring attention to a matter I noticed of late: posters about Bermuda Shorts Day. I noticed at least two different posters in the last week or so advertising parties related to BSD which prominently feature photos of women’s breasts in bathing suits. These posters are ubiquitous. In neither one of these two posters is there a head on the woman, nor is there a man featured (at least not nearly as prominently).

As a professor on this campus, it makes me uncomfortable that our students are exposed to the notion that end-of-the-year is equated with the objectification of women, and am aware that some of my female students feel uncomfortable about it as well. I believe the university should attempt to raise awareness on this campus about the importance of treating people with integrity. The venues that are allowed to sell tickets to these parties in Mac Hall (where I saw one today) should be contacted and asked to alter their future posters to be respectful and inclusive of all members of the student body.

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