Spun: Snoop Dogg

By Trenton Shaw

The aptly named Doggumentary, Snoop Dogg’s new album, is a shout out to all the styles Snoop has covered in his expansive career. This eclectic album traces the colourful sounds and lyrics of Snoop and his various guests.

The album doesn’t replicate the glory of “Gin and Juice” or “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” but Snoop hammers out some notable tracks on Doggumentary. “Superman,” a duet with Willie Nelson, might seem a bit bizarre at first glance, but as mutual lovers of the green it’s not that far stretch of an imagination.

Unfortunately, he falls flat sometimes too. “Raised In Da Hood” makes you think of J.Lo’s “Jenny from the Block,” and has almost the same lacklustre lyrics. His collaboration with John Legend and Kanye West on “Eyez Closed,” is layered over a slower groove, though it is a bit repetitive.

If you are a die-hard Snoop Dogg fan you might be a bit disappointed by the overall quality of this record as it misses the mark. However, if you’re just looking to light up and lay back during these last weeks of school Snoop’s Doggumentary is a great way to relax. Plus, when’s the last time you got down to Willie Nelson?

Olivia Brooks

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