Brief: office space given to 37 clubs

By Michael Grondin

Determining office space for clubs went through some changes this year as the clubs committee looked at applications with a certain criteria rather than with a subjective approach.

“We picked a few criteria that we thought were really important,” said Matt Diteljan, SU vice president student life.

“In the past, it was my understanding it was a pretty biased procedure. What I tried to do was develop a procedure to remove all that subjectivity.”

According to Diteljan, a few aspects will be considered to determine whether a club gets office space or not.

The factors the club committee looked at included club size, necessity of physical space, past office space and a respect for previous space. Also, the clubs could decide whether they wanted to be looked at by their value, or to be selected randomly.

“Clubs could choose if they wanted to go into the merit pool or random pool,” he said, adding that two thirds of the clubs chose merit, while the other third chose the latter.

Club committee members then examined the clubs, tallying a score for each and allocating the spaces based on their scores.

Currently, 37 office spaces are available. 60 clubs applied for the office space.