Progressive conservative Leadership Candidate Profiles: Doug Horner

By Amy Badry

Doug Horner is currently the MLA for Spruce-Grove-Sturgeon-St. Albert. He was the minister of advanced education and technology from 2006 to 2011. In that post he led the creation of Campus Alberta — a program with the goal of eliminating duplication services and integrating programs in post-secondary institutions. His website states that one success of this program was the establishment of Apply Alberta — where potential undergraduates can apply to multiple schools in Alberta with one application.

When asked what he believes is the number one issue facing young Albertans, Horner indicated the cost of education, housing, as well as entrance into the employment sector.

“We have tremendous opportunity in the province. We have tremendous growth and opportunity for just about any career that you might want to have. But because of some of the inflationary pressures it makes the entrance into buying your fi rst home, or getting the training that you need become problematic. I would say that is one of the biggest hurdles for young Albertans.”

To address this, Horner suggested the way student finance is constructed needs to be changed.

“Obviously, we want to make it affordable and accessible,” he said. “If you increase the scholarships and bursaries when they start school that would help. I think it is important we try to help out at the front end.”

He believes digital textbooks need to be pursued “aggressively” and will help in terms of
education cost.


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