Bleeding Knees Club

By Laura Wan

Had this album been released a few months earlier, it would have been the soundtrack to my summer. Bleeding Knees Club brings their highly danceable pop-punk to life on their EP, Virginity. This Aussie outfit injects their coastal sound into songs that recall those of noise-rock bands Black Lips, The Hives, and Step-Panther.

But don’t pin it on these boys to be as cute and innocent as their EP title might suggest. The band is all about fun times. This translates well into tracks like “Teenage Girls” and “Camp Out.” Throughout the entire album, the duo reflects on every great, rebellious thing about teendom in their tracks — tattoos, smoking, heartbreak and general badassery. Dirty riffs and raw vocals are a constant, but lyrical themes change as the CD progresses, as if the band themselves are growing up as the songs move along. The closing track “I” captured my heart — while still gritty and punk rock, there’s a touch of soul in it.

The boys of Bleeding Knees Club have put together a seriously solid album with only six tracks. Fun-loving, youthful lyrics and upbeat rhythms make Virginity a go-to for sunny music, even when Calgary weather takes a turn for winter.

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