Kate Reid

By Kristian Berg

At first glance at the album artwork, I was under the impression that Kate Reid’s Doing It for the Chicks
would be a country-rap album about a cougar whose main priority was getting laid. This was not the case at all. It was only a country album.

To me country music is about women, drinking and meeting women while you’re drunk. Kate Reid’s third studio-length album touches on each of these aspects with utter simplicity. In tracks like “Tie One On & Tie the Knot,” Kate Reid effortlessly channels her sexuality into some of the best country music to come out of Canada since Jaydee Bixbe. In her half-singing, half-speaking style, the self-dubbed “only dyke at the open mic” pours out her soul and lets listeners know what it’s really like to be a lesbian country star (well, country singer at least). Her sensitive side breaks through in the childhood-reminiscent “When I Was a Little Boy,” but I think songs like these can safely be ignored.

It is safe to say that Kate Reid will be putting out more music, but it’s not so safe to say that we will be hearing it. Dixie-Chicks-meets-Tila-Tequila is an interesting formula to try and achieve musical stardom, let alone express yourself artistically, but I guess she really is just “doing it for the chicks.”

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