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Kate Reid

By Kristian Berg

At first glance at the album artwork, I was under the impression that Kate Reid’s Doing It for the Chicks would be a country-rap album about a cougar whose main priority was getting laid. This was not the case at all. It was only a country album.To me country music is about women, drinking and… Continue reading Kate Reid

Hell’s henchmen

By Kris Kotarski

There’s an easy way to evaluate the talent of this year’s wrestling team. All you have to do is get on the mat with them. Unfortunately, the Gauntlet doesn’t offer medical insurance so the wrestlers themselves gave us the best evaluation of their abilities and their chances heading into Canada West Finals (CWs) on Feb.… Continue reading Hell’s henchmen

Great Whit hype

By Kristian Leach

The University of Calgary men’s basketball squad has a new young recruit joining the team this year. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, Whit Hornsberger has already compiled a solid resume. The five-foot-nine point guard was Regina’s leading high school scorer, averaging an awesome 37.5 points per game and scoring over 2,700 points throughout his high school… Continue reading Great Whit hype