Letter to the editor

By Candace Lind

Dear Editors,

I read with surprise and pleasure sports editor Erin Shumich’s article “Athlete’s diets: eating your way to the top” [Oct. 13, 2011]. It holds really important messages about the roles and values of different foods in an athlete’s diet– pointedly critiquing a commonly held belief that athletes must eat meat to be a top performer. It’s time to shed those stigmatizing beliefs. I’d like to take Shumlich’s important message that challenges societal beliefs a bit further, by sharing personal knowledge that not only has Lind-Kenny been “an important part of the McGill Martlets women’s hockey team for the last four years” but that in her second year on the team she scored the winning goal in the cis National Championship finals, wining the gold medal for her team. Her hockey stick from that game now resides in the international Hockey Hall of Fame. Not bad for a vegetarian hockey player!

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