Spun: Gorillaz

By Garth Paulson

The virtual band Gorillaz came into existence in 1998 at a time when English creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlitt grew increasingly tired and frustrated about the quality of music played on MTV. Fourteen years later, the four animated members — 2D, Noodle, Russell and Murdoc — now make up one of the most creative,… Continue reading Spun: Gorillaz

Spun: The Decemberists

By Garth Paulson

“Long live the king!”- this traditional exclamation may pronounce a new era of independent music to come as The Decemberists explore new sonic territory. After six weeks of recording at the Pendarvis Farm near Portland, Oregon, The Decemberists completed work on their sixth album, January 2011’s The King is Dead, as well as the more… Continue reading Spun: The Decemberists

Surviving Progress may be harder than we think

By Ian Gregg

Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks have set the year’s standard high with Surviving Progress, a well-paced Canadian documentary that wants to make sure that modern civilization doesn’t self-destruct. Inspired by Ronald Wright’s bestseller A Short History of Progress, the film depicts trends of progress throughout history while warning of the negative consequences of humanity’s tendency… Continue reading Surviving Progress may be harder than we think


By Sean Willett

It’s a struggle to view cities as products of design. In Calgary, maybe it’s because one may find it hard to believe the terrible bicycle infrastructure and plague-like urban sprawl were planned by rational human beings. Yet cities, like most things in our modern world, are the result of choices made by designers. Whether these… Continue reading Urbanized