Dragons’ Den host visits U of C

By Keiver Tremblay

On March 22, a small audience was fortunate to hear Dianne Buckner share advice on success in the corporate world compiled from her 20 years of experience as a business journalist.

“Being an observer in this industry is amazing,” remarked Buckner. “You really do notice that highly successful people all share certain traits.”

During the Q&A session following the talk, one student asked Bucker what trends she had noticed during recent production of the hit television series. She quickly outlined four major trends for 2012: “Mobility, customization, urban optimization and wellness.”

There’s a noticeable shift in developed societies toward software development that targets the smart-phone market. Buckner reminded attendees that people want to be able to customize product orders online, people need to know where the coolest spot to hang out downtown is and everyone seems to want to improve their health– and many choose to do this through smart-phone information-gathering.

The two-hour event, organized by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, covered more than trend-based enterprise movements, though. The highlight of her presentation was her “top 10 business tips,” which touched on skills like how to get people to say “yes” to you, knowing when to be brief and understanding the duality of trends.

Subsequent to dispensing her final advice, an appreciative applause erupted– yet it was unfortunate that so few U of C students attended such an insightful talk. Though some aspects of her tips seemed obvious, Buckner stressed that “so many people become hopelessly immersed in ventures and truly lose sight of core values, crucial for achieving greatness.” Buckner added her belief that “success is happiness.”

The last two paragraphs that appeared in print have been removed due to a misattribution

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