UPass now available for summer

By Justin Azevedo

The University of Calgary and the Students’ Union will now allow full-time spring and summer students access to the Calgary Transit upass.

Originally, the plan was to implement the summer upass prior to the spring semester in 2011, but a timing discrepancy between the su, the University’s Board of Governors and Calgary Transit prevented the launch of the program.

In June of 2011, vice-president external Matt McMillan was quoted as saying that “the go-ahead was given to make it available for summer students this year. Unfortunately it did not go to the Board of Governors in the fee approval and it did not go into the fee schedule.”

Eligibility requirements for the spring and summer upass are similar to the requirements for the fall/winter upass and students must be registered in two or more classes in the spring semester, or in two or more courses in the summer semester. According to the university, the upass will be valid from May 1 to Aug. 31, 2012, and the $110 upass fee will be included as part of student fees gives students full access to Calgary Transit for both semesters.

The $110 dollar fee is consistent with the fall and winter upass, and the fee is compulsory.

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