Coming along fine on her own

At the Taboo sex show that took place at the BMO centre last week, the Gauntlet was able to snag an interview with Tori Black, an award-winning pornographic actress who was billed as one of Taboo’s main draws. Black starred in pornographic productions such as Secret Diary of a Cam Girl, Here Cums the President, Barely Legal Bitch that Stole Christmas, as well as Batman and The Incredible Hulk parodies. Black is the only female performer to win the Adult Video News Best Female Performer of the Year award twice, winning it back to back in 2010 and 2011, and has been noted by mainstream media outlets such as CNBC as being one of the most popular performers in the industry right now. She recently had her second child and is taking something of a hiatus from porn.

The Gauntlet: You’ve just had two kids, if I read your Wikipedia article correctly. Does that change the whole porn experience for you?

Tori Black: I’m not performing right now. I do solo stuff, but it definitely makes a big difference. I’m kind of in a new phase of my life. I’m in more of a mothering atmosphere. My whole energy is kind of different. But moms get laid too.

G: It hasn’t affected your sex drive?

TB: No. Moms are freaks. I’m still just as much of a freak, if not more than I ever was. Only my focus is a little different. So when it comes to shooting, I haven’t gotten back yet, that doesn’t mean that I won’t. I’m exploring and enjoying this new phase. It changes but doesn’t get rid of my sex drive at all.

G: What would you say to college-aged girls who are thinking of entering the porn industry?

TB: Porn isn’t for everybody. You really have to be comfortable with yourself and confident because there’s going to be a lot of people looking at you naked — let’s just be real. And if you’re not comfortable in yourself, all of this judgement out there, it doesn’t matter what you look like, somebody’s going to judge you and not like what you do.

G: I’m judging you right now.

TB: Yeah, right. You have to be confident in yourself. You can’t let all of that dictate who you are. You can’t let these people change your view of yourself. A lot of women get down on themselves and that’s how they get into a lot of plastic surgery. You need to be comfortable with who you are. So if you can’t handle that criticism, don’t do it.

G: You’re all natural?

TB: Yeah. So I’m like, fuck what you think. I don’t care what you have to say. I’m going to do what makes me happy, and I’m just going to enjoy myself. People seem to like it anyway.

G: And do you have any plans for after porn ends?

TB: I’m going to invest. I definitely want to do some real estate. There’s a lot of different investments I want to make. I’m pretty much just going to go be a boss, live at home, hang out with my kids and do nothing but make money!

G: So are you looking into school for anything like that? Taking some business courses?

TB: No, not business courses, but I was thinking about culinary school. I love to cook, and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.

G: You’re a creature of the senses.

TB: Yeah! I call myself a glutton. I’m definitely insatiable.

G: It doesn’t show.

TB: No, not at all. [Laughs]

G: When you’re doing a scene, do you ever just space out and think about what’s on TV, like Scooby-Doo? Are you in the zone the whole time?

TB: It has to be very bad for me to zone out. But there are definitely some people who you don’t really have chemistry with and you’re counting the time a little bit to get it over with. Usually companies want to book you with people that you really enjoy, so they ask you beforehand, “Hey, who do you want me to book you with? Cause I want this to be a hot-ass scene.” If it’s really that bad, I have a ‘no’ list, which is people that I don’t work with. I’ll say no just to be nice to the company and the guy like, we don’t need to suffer through this. If I’m not enjoying it . . .

G: Then it won’t look good.

TB: No, so why do it?

G: Do you meet each other beforehand and talk, get to know the person that you’re going to do the scene with?

TB: No. Usually you meet on set right before you’re doing it, so essentially you meet there when you’re in the makeup chair and hopefully you have a good enough conversation to get to know each other before the scene. But I actually kind of like not getting to know them.

G: It’s mysterious?

TB: Yeah. It’s more fun being like, I have no idea who you are, and you’re fucking me right now. It’s different, right? I like it.

G: What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened on set?

TB: Oh, there are some bad stories but I don’t think you want to know. I think the worst was that a guy couldn’t get his dick hard for like an hour and a half, and me being the nice girl that I am, I’ll just go ahead and suck you off — but it took me an hour and a half.

G: No cattle prod involved?

TB: No, I couldn’t feel my face. I couldn’t feel my face at all. We had to cut the scene because my face was about to fall apart.

G: I don’t know what that’s like so…

TB: A blowjob for an hour and a half? Have you been to the dentist? Have you been to the dentist for an hour and a half?

G: No. But I grind my teeth at night so I know what it’s like to have a sore jaw.

TB: Well, there you go.