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Grindhouse a grind

By Andrea Campbell

It’s been 15 years since Reservoir Dogs sliced into the American psyche like a straight-razor into an ear. Quentin Tarantino continues to carve his niche with pop-culture homages to the films of his youth, while Robert Rodriguez champions bigger bangs in movies with ever-increasing budgets. Now, with Grindhouse, the two auteurs and exploitation fans team… Continue reading Grindhouse a grind

Stabbing blindly with the Blind Assassins

By Andrea Campbell

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! The incantation of the name frees the monster trapped beneath a carefully constructed city of Astroturf green and cardboard cut-outs of houses and SUVs. The same applies for the first three “whoas” raked out at a Blind Assassins show. Just as the crazy striped-suited character emerges from another dimension and wreaks havoc… Continue reading Stabbing blindly with the Blind Assassins

A movie about the other Kennedy… who died

By Andrea Campbell

It’s easy to assume a movie titled Bobby would reveal something of Robert F. Kennedy, the 1968 Democratic candidate for president. Instead, director Emilio Estevez uses Kennedy to focus on a collection of staff and patrons who were at the Ambassador Hotel on the night Kennedy was shot, leaving the man himself a mystery. The… Continue reading A movie about the other Kennedy… who died

Crown corps tranquilize fiscal insanity

By Andrew Kemle

Issues regarding economic and fiscal stability have, for the most part, replaced issues of domestic security as matters of primary concern for nations since the end of the Cold War. Classical and reform liberal ideologies have provided some solutions to these economic issues faced by Western democracies. Classical liberalism offers solutions of free markets and… Continue reading Crown corps tranquilize fiscal insanity

Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I want to fuck

By Victoria Parent

Sexual assault is often associated with a redundant Hollywood movie scene — the one where the innocent female lead is stalked by the creepy middle-aged man with over-sized glasses in a sketchy van. This Hollywood scene is unrealistic, especially considering that one in four North American women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime, often by… Continue reading Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I want to fuck