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Online Exclusive: Girl Talk: eclectic is an understatement

By Andrew Williams

Gregg Gillis- more commonly known as Girl Talk- doesn’t have a problem with challenging paradigms. He produces tracks entirely from samples of popular songs, deftly biting drum beats, pianos, vocals and anything else that catches his ear and weaving all of the pieces together in a meticulous and methodological way. The songs are often short,… Continue reading Online Exclusive: Girl Talk: eclectic is an understatement

Writer Chuck Thompson has a lot on his mind

By Andrew Williams

Chuck Thompson has a bone to pick with travel writers. He isn’t happy with the way the industry has developed and laments corporate influences on travel writing. In his book, Smile When You’re Lying, he argues that travel writers — with a few exceptions — are beholden to their corporate owners, be it the magazines… Continue reading Writer Chuck Thompson has a lot on his mind

Spun: Japandroids

By Andrew Williams

The lyrics of Vancouver garage-rock duo Japandroids match their instrumentals perfectly — both are relentless and raw. The band weaves stories with the most basic human emotions — songs about leaving, loss and the primal and sometimes childish reactions to these emotions. “Heart Sweats” chronicles a breakup. Guitarist Brain King croons a series of insults… Continue reading Spun: Japandroids

Fourth annual Sled Island promises to be a good time, again

By Andrew Williams

Sled Island organizers have taken a page out of headliner Girl Talk’s liner notes with this year’s programming choices. The notes to Girl Talk’s 2006 album, Night Ripper, contain a who’s who of popular musicians — from Hall & Oats to Outkast and Tears for Fears — and represent a diverse appreciation for many different… Continue reading Fourth annual Sled Island promises to be a good time, again

Rural Alberta Advantage hit up urban Alberta

By Andrew Williams

The Rural Alberta Advantage just might be the most critically successful part-time band in Canada. While they have been featured on countless best-of-’09 blogs, all the members of the band have some kind of job or commitment on the side. Lead singer Nils Edenloff is a computer programmer by day, backup vocalist and keyboard player… Continue reading Rural Alberta Advantage hit up urban Alberta

Mangan offers upbeat music for the depressed

By Andrew Williams

Dan Mangan is eager to admit he’s in flux. After touring for four years on the strength of his debut LP, Postcards and Daydreaming, he has recently released critically acclaimed follow up, Nice, Nice, Very Nice and the differences between the two are remarkable. “I’d get calls from journalists and the first question they’d ask… Continue reading Mangan offers upbeat music for the depressed

Exploring Albertan identity

By Andrew Williams

What would motivate an individual to trade the stability of practicing law for the uncertainty of producing independent Canadian film? For Geo Takach, it was a passion for independent film and a desire to contribute to the Canadian arts community by seeking out Alberta’s culture. Takach’s aim has been to provoke discussion about how Albertans… Continue reading Exploring Albertan identity

Dinos rebound in first playoff game

By Curtis Wolff

It was by far the Dinos’s toughest test of the season. Battling both the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds and the wintry elements, the Dinos overcame an early 17–0 deficit to defeat the Thunderbirds 42–32 on Saturday, Nov. 2 and advance to the Hardy Cup finals for the sixth consecutive year. Despite falling behind early,… Continue reading Dinos rebound in first playoff game

Head-to-head: NBA season preview

By Ashton Chugh

The National Basketball Association’s 2013–14 season is underway. Gauntlet sports writers Ashton Chugh and Suneil Sachdeva have answered the most pressing questions about the next 1230 games. Will the Miami Heat capture their third consecutive championship? Would this put them on the same level as the last two teams to do so (Kobe Bryant’s Lakers… Continue reading Head-to-head: NBA season preview

Head-to-head: NFL preview

By David Bray

The 2013 National Football League season commences on Sept. 5. Gauntlet sports writers Marshal Wolff and David Bray got together to discuss the some key talking points coming into the year. Which team is your dark horse for this year? Marshal Wolff: For me, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. I know they tied for the… Continue reading Head-to-head: NFL preview