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Spun: Bitter Fictions

By Evangelos Lambrinoudis II

 While I love ambient electronic, I am not an expert nor even an amateur enthusiast of ambient guitar drone. That being said, I was excited to unravel Bitter Fictions’s self-titled sixth album.
 While local journalist mogul and Shaking Box Music label head Devin Friesen might be better recognized for his work with Fast Forward… Continue reading Spun: Bitter Fictions

Spun: Stalwart Sons

By Evangelos Lambrinoudis

Calgarian band Stalwart Sons ushers in the autumnal decline with their second album Stay Cold. Laden with the varnish of post-hardcore and ’90s screamo aesthetics, the self-proclaimed “Canadiana three piece” has abandoned their usual conventions to delve deeper into the realm of fast-paced, toe-tapping rock and roll. While the band’s first album, Burn Daylights Like… Continue reading Spun: Stalwart Sons

“You’re a DJ too? Cool story, bro.”

By Evangelos Lambrinoudis

It’s a bit after midnight — peak time in any Canadian club environment — and the dance floor is packed with sweaty and cliquey teens-to-twentysomethings. I scan the crowd and see an ocean of rave-hoods with little fuzzy ears, dreads on white people and dress shirts with ties hanging loose and carefree. I bend over… Continue reading “You’re a DJ too? Cool story, bro.”

Close to Modern more than just a record label

By Kaleem Khan

Close To Modern is a project that links music, art and community under the guise of a record label. Featuring Calgary electronic mainstays such as Sanctums, Beach Season and Sergio Levels, the label has 18 releases to date. Though they mostly focus on electronic music, recent releases include rap, hip-hop and soul acts. “We purposefully… Continue reading Close to Modern more than just a record label