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Spun: Juliet

By James Hawkins

Juliet’s press kit is quick to associate the singer with legends like Debbie Harry, Joan Jett and Annie Lennox. Unfortunately, Juliet’s vocal delivery and range is much more akin to the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne. Perhaps Virgin Records set out to create a new new-wave with American Idols spewing their verbal diarrhea… Continue reading Spun: Juliet

Spun: Robert Temple and His Soulfolk Jazz Ensemble

By James Hawkins

Robert Temple is an aging hippie trying to make a go at a music career with What Would You Do?, a concept album protesting the Iraq war and the Bush administration. Unfortunately, Temple decided to include a song vilifying poor drivers who don’t use their turn signals at the climax of the album, effectively ruining… Continue reading Spun: Robert Temple and His Soulfolk Jazz Ensemble

Why freeze at McMahon in winter?

By Jeoff Winkleberry

The Manitoba Underwater Council held their 37th Annual Underwater Football National Championship Mar. 18-19 in wonderfully windy Winnipeg. Although a national championship with four teams is as qualified as the World Series of baseball, Calgary still sent a team–dubbed the Calgary Coroners–to run the “nation.” Underwater football is no spectator sport–even the referee must don… Continue reading Why freeze at McMahon in winter?

Poster hilarity ensues

By Falice Chin

Woohoo! SU election time is approaching again! Students will be bombarded with posters left, right and centre until Feb. 15. Then the posters will stay for another week or so before being torn down altogether. Oh wait, one candidate has already been spotted tearing down posters of his opponents. The great poster war has begun.Poster… Continue reading Poster hilarity ensues

Spooky flicks send us into winter

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Hark! Good movies be on the horizon! Almost! It’s getting closer to American Thanksgiving, that time of year when studios begin to roll out their finest fillies for award season. But sadly, it is always darkest before the dawn, and before we can see such gems The Soloist, starring Robert Downey Jr., and The Road,… Continue reading Spooky flicks send us into winter

Professor passes away

By Natalie Sit

The University of Calgary lost one of its own when Dr. Malcolm Jacobs, a professor in the French, Italian and Spanish department, passed away Aug. 28, 2003. Described by many as smart, devoted to his faith, intelligent and loving, he died due to complications from oral surgery. Jacobs was on sick leave for many years… Continue reading Professor passes away

Lowest of the Low, Nothing Short of a Bullet

By James Keller

“Motel 30” has always been a great song. Now it begins with the roar of the crowd, followed by the ever-recognizable wah, building tension and urgency. Then, almost when you’re ready to give up–you can’t take it anymore–therein lies your relief. Guitars (complete with more wah and distortion), drums and the voice of an independent… Continue reading Lowest of the Low, Nothing Short of a Bullet