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Spun: Jason Collett

By Garth Paulson

Arts & Crafts, the Toronto-based indie label, has seen its star rise epically in the last few years with hyped-up and hyperbole-inducing releases from the likes of Broken Social Scene, Feist and Stars. Now with Jason Collett’s Idols of Exile, the label adds another feather to its already impressive cap. Collett, one of the many… Continue reading Spun: Jason Collett

Music Interview: Digging touring again

By Jason Paul

Ears ring, sweat drips and a crowd becomes so engulfed by what it is witnessing appearances become irrelevant. This feeling of euphoria – now strangely unfamiliar – is the cornerstone which made Chixdiggit the punk-rock institution it is today. Sadly, these pundits of the power chord have been on hiatus for the past five years,… Continue reading Music Interview: Digging touring again

Theatre Review: Suicide Girl ignite the High Performance Rodeo

By Jason Paul

Remember that girl in high school with the jet black hair, the Black Flag T-shirt and the worn out Chuck Taylor’s? Maybe she quietly worked in the library and read Maximumrocknroll and Hunter S. Thompson? If your fantasy girl ever fit this description, chances are the Suicide Girls have recruited her. Once an ambivalent party… Continue reading Theatre Review: Suicide Girl ignite the High Performance Rodeo

Spun: Projet Orange

By Jason Paul

Crossovers tend to be dubious. Michael Jordan, to baseball, Arnold Schwarzenegger to politics, William Shatner to poetry, enough said, really. So it would come as no surprise for a French Canadian rock band to botch a transition from French to English. However, Projet Orange’s sophomore release Megaphobe proves the French truly are cunning linguists. Their… Continue reading Spun: Projet Orange

Music Interview: Downchild still kickin’ it

By Jason Paul

Don Walsh cannot be stopped. He is a man through which the very spirit and soul of the blues lives vicariously. Having led Canada’s premiere blues band Downchild, and written songs for the Blues Brothers, you’d think he’d get just a tad tired. But after 35 years of virtually non-stop touring, he is still going… Continue reading Music Interview: Downchild still kickin’ it

Head-to-head: NBA season preview

By Ashton Chugh

The National Basketball Association’s 2013–14 season is underway. Gauntlet sports writers Ashton Chugh and Suneil Sachdeva have answered the most pressing questions about the next 1230 games. Will the Miami Heat capture their third consecutive championship? Would this put them on the same level as the last two teams to do so (Kobe Bryant’s Lakers… Continue reading Head-to-head: NBA season preview

The makings of a captivating season

By Zainil Jessani

Since 1980, only nine NBA franchises have won a championship, including one-time champions the Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia 76ers. What this means is that the NBA is a largely dominated by the same case of characters year in and year out. Partly because of this, the consensus among hardcore groups of NBA fans is… Continue reading The makings of a captivating season

Film review: Haywire

By Pauline Anunciacion

Hollywood seems to have a crush on secret agents. From the James Bond films to The Bourne Identity to Mission Impossible, it is no surprise that Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire follows suit. Haywire is a cross between Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and Phillip Noyce’s Salt, with one distinction — all three movies have a vengeful warrior-woman… Continue reading Film review: Haywire

SU election results bring surprises

By Amy Badry

While many students are happy with the Students’ Union election results, others are surprised. Votes were tallied March 10 when the new SU representatives for the 2011-2012 school year were declared. Student voter turnout was up seven per cent from last year with 23.8 per cent of eligible voters casting a ballot. Current president Lauren… Continue reading SU election results bring surprises