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Making an example of the Gauntlet

By Jerry Osborn

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: "Emergence of party politics," Jan. 29, 2004, I am presently conducting a writing exercise in my geology class, and have explained to my students how some writers use big, impressive-sounding and occasionally mischosen words in long, ponderous, grandiose sentences to mask the fact that they have little to say in the… Continue reading Making an example of the Gauntlet

How to stop a flood

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By Kylee Van Der Poorten

World Water Month was in March, a time to learn about and celebrate the management, sanitation and preservation of water. Water is both a resource and a risk, as the June flooding of Southern Alberta illustrated. The 2013 flood was deemed the worst in Alberta‚Äôs history and has spurred a number of initiatives including a… Continue reading How to stop a flood