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Three shutouts and still truckin’

By John Fisher, ESQ

Birds of a feather flock together and the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds certainly flocked to a 1-0 loss under the mighty wrath of our Dinos women’s soccer squad Sat., Sept. 25. As the University of Calgary Facilities team finally got their act together, bleachers, stands and admission tables were setup at the game for… Continue reading Three shutouts and still truckin’

A painful, must-see event

By Daorcey Le Bray

Some items can be left off one’s resume. Two weeks of burger flipping, mowing the neighbour’s lawn, drug running… In the same vein, the CBS Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) is surely not included in Harrison Ford’s authorized filmography. Neither is it in James Earl Jones’, nor Carrie Fisher’s, nor Mark Hamill’s… well, Hamill could… Continue reading A painful, must-see event