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Good Old War play indie-folk with earthy style and substance

By Jordan Clermont

There’s nothing flashy about the music created by folk-pop trio Good Old War. Over the past four years, beginning with their 2008 debut Only Way to Be Alone, the band has made a name for themselves as a group with a flair for writing simple songs driven by catchy melodies and beautiful three-part harmonies. It’s… Continue reading Good Old War play indie-folk with earthy style and substance

Spun: Rae Spoon

By Jordan Clermont

With his sixth album, I Can’t Keep All of Our Secrets, Calgarian Rae Spoon mixes the folk-pop songwriting sensibilities he’s known for with the sounds of modern electronic music — a style integration that has its ups and downs. Spoon’s vulnerable vocal performances fit in well with the spacey electronic backdrop, and nearly every chorus… Continue reading Spun: Rae Spoon


By Jordan Clermont

Jon Lajoie kills people. At least, that’s the impression you might get if you saw the title of his latest Canadian tour, which includes a stop at the MacEwan Ballroom on Nov. 24. The “I Kill People” tour takes its name from Lajoie’s hit music parody of the same name. The video, which as of… Continue reading JON LAJOIE

Jack’s Mannequin fixes up, sounds sharp

By Jordan Clermont

Jack’s Mannequin’s most recent album took two tries to get right. Lead singer-songwriter and pianist Andrew McMahon says that there are two ways to look at the recording process for People and Things, released earlier this month: “Either I made a record and scrapped it, or I just made really good demos.” Feeling that the… Continue reading Jack’s Mannequin fixes up, sounds sharp

Odds, without end

By Jordan Clermont

Jordan Clermont Gauntlet Entertainment What do The Kids in the Hall, the Canucks and The Barenaked Ladies have in common? Besides being Canadian, they have all collaborated with Vancouver power-pop band Odds, who rocked SAIT’s The Gateway this Tuesday. The group, led by singer-songwriter Craig Northey, formed in Vancouver in 1987 and had some major-label… Continue reading Odds, without end

Tegan and Sara

By Jaime Burnet

Calgarian indie-rock giants Tegan and Sara’s seventh studio album Heartthrob is destined to be met with cries of ‘sell outs’ by self-proclaimed ‘true fans.’ On the surface, it’s easy to see where these jaded fans are coming from. Heartthrob trades in the acoustic-rock soundscapes that defined The Con and So Jealous for a wall of… Continue reading Tegan and Sara