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Advice from a Sledder

By Kristyn Pelletier

For the past six years, Sled Island has been the meat of Calgary’s summer festival sandwich, giving opportunity and inspiration for audiences and artists alike to sink their teeth into. Newcomers to Sled Island, however, may find the larger-than-life festival a bit daunting at first glance. Most Sled Island veterans, or ‘Sledders,’ would agree that… Continue reading Advice from a Sledder

Fans cheer Dinos to victory at Kickoff

By Kristyn Pelletier

While the University of Calgary Dinos football team was preparing for Friday’s KICKOFF game, there were a few essentials that fans needed to add to their checklist in order for a successful tailgating party: body paint, and lots of it, 2,000 free Spolumbo’s hot dogs, dunk tanks and prizes to win tuition money. The tailgate… Continue reading Fans cheer Dinos to victory at Kickoff