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SU academic hopefuls duke it out over citation methods

By Christian Louden

A heated debate in the academic forum kicked off the first of seven Students’ Union general election debates, Mon., Feb. 5. While all five academic commissioner candidates agreed on most issues, four of the candidates argued against a proposition put forward by commissioner candidate Alastair MacKinnon. MacKinnon proposed an initiative to implement universal citation across… Continue reading SU academic hopefuls duke it out over citation methods

A means to justify an end

By Megan Hope

Editors, the Gauntlet, This is a response to Robert Granger’s uninformed article in last week’s Gauntlet. He falsely accused RAK of being, "clamorous witch-hunters." He wrote this in reaction to what he thought was an unwarranted protest at the Board of Governors meeting. Granger’s insinuation that the BoG have no control over tuition and in… Continue reading A means to justify an end

CPIRG struck from election ballot

By Joel McNally

The Calgary Public Interest Research Group has been sent back to the drawing board. On Tue., Feb. 5, the Students’ Legislative Council elected to reconsider their former inclusion of the CPIRG referendum question for the upcoming general election.The CPIRG referendum question originally passed on Jan. 23, by a majority of 10 to eight. The motion… Continue reading CPIRG struck from election ballot

PIRG looks ahead

By Natalie Sit

The proposed University of Calgary student-run Public Interest Research Group’s win in the Students’ Union plebiscite has raised questions about their future. A total of 1,889 students approved the plebiscite with a majority of students in favour of a $1.00 levy. Slightly more than 40 per cent of students voted against PIRG. Unlike a referendum,… Continue reading PIRG looks ahead

Conservative prorogation yet another bad joke

By Kate Jacobson

Stephen Harper has prorogued Parliament for the fourth time in his tenure as Prime Minister of Canada, and it’s hard to see his actions as little more than a way to stall for time against his Liberal and NDP opposition. After eight years of a Conservative minority government, this latest prorogation is another a midterm… Continue reading Conservative prorogation yet another bad joke

Storybook basketball season ends in Regina

By Taylor McKee

Though the result may be the same as last season, the circumstances are much different for the University of Calgary women’s basketball team after the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Final Eight wrapped up in Regina on March 17. The Dinos finished fourth after being defeated by the St. Mary’s University Huskies in the bronze-medal game —… Continue reading Storybook basketball season ends in Regina

Medical students raise $21,500 for cancer

By Malika Ladha

Seventeen University of Calgary medical students shaved and donated their hair at the seventh annual Faculty of Medicine Head Shave on Feb. 15. Hosted at the 
U of C Foothills Campus, the event raised over $21,500 for gastrointestinal cancer treatment and 
 “We decided to raise money for GI cancers through the Canadian Cancer Society,”… Continue reading Medical students raise $21,500 for cancer

A night to remember at the ’Dome

By Taylor McKee

It was truly an historic night for university hockey in Calgary. The University of Calgary 
Dinos men’s and women’s hockey teams faced off against the Mount Royal University Cougars at the Scotiabank Saddledome for the first time. Forget the standings, playoff implications or regular season records, these games were fiercely competitive and highly entertaining. 
… Continue reading A night to remember at the ’Dome

Year in review: banner year for the Dinos

By Jon Roe

The Dinos had a fantastic 2009-10 season, capturing three Canadian Interuniversity Sport titles. It was the second best year in Dinos history, behind only 1989, a season in which they captured five national titles. The University of Calgary was tops in the country in swimming, both men’s and women’s, and men’s volleyball. Following a Canada… Continue reading Year in review: banner year for the Dinos

Spun: Things About Comin’ My Way

By Megan Hodgson

Things About Comin’ My Way, a tribute CD dedicated to 1930s band The Mississippi Sheiks, is a really fun listening experience. The idea of a compilation CD can seem risky at times because there’s a great possibility for inconsistencies between contributing artists. Although this is still evident in Comin’ My Way, the album is really… Continue reading Spun: Things About Comin’ My Way