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Joined at the hip:

By Melissa Nance

Twin Falls Idaho is not a story about a pair of freak-show Siamese twins. It is a love story set in a freak-show world. The strength of the clever film lies in the strong sense of irony behind the situations and characters. Instead of presenting a freakish pair of twins and a hardened prostitute, three… Continue reading Joined at the hip:

Man pushes crosswalk button again, crosses street faster

By Brent Constantin

A University of Calgary student became a local hero earlier this week when his quick thinking and even quicker fingers allowed several pedestrians to cross an intersection in record time. Shortly after 5:30 p.m. Sept. 28, third-year environmental sciences student David Brinson utilized his never-say-die attitude at the corner of 32 Ave. and Campus Dr.… Continue reading Man pushes crosswalk button again, crosses street faster

News for the unnewsed

By Morgan Haigler

SU byelection announced On Thursday, the Students’ Union announced the candidates for the upcoming SU byelection. Voting will take place from Oct. 21-23. Students can vote online through their myUofC accounts or at a polling station. Four positions were acclaimed. Teresa Green, Daniel Pagan, Carrie Liu and Melissa Tannahill will be the faculty representatives for… Continue reading News for the unnewsed

U of C seeks solutions to northern Alberta growth

By Emily Senger

Fort McMurray’s growth is seemingly unstoppable. The oil-rich northern Alberta city has almost doubled in population since 1999, resulting in an infrastructure crisis and a substantial environmental footprint, but an agreement between the University of Calgary and the Municipality of Wood Buffalo hopes to remedy some of northern Alberta’s growing pains. U of C president… Continue reading U of C seeks solutions to northern Alberta growth

Women’s centre necessary

By Melissa Mathison

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: "Women’s centre not necessary," Oct. 9, 2003, I would like to address the article about a women’s centre on campus being unnecessary. A claim was made that the entire reason we want a women’s centre is because other universities have one. This is false. There are many reasons that we need… Continue reading Women’s centre necessary