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Tylan Stephens set to take flight with Dinos

By Pat McNaught

Though he may eye the open skies, Tylan Stephens will have to settle for much slower speeds on the ice. The former Western Hockey League player has joined the Dinos men’s hockey team for the 2009-10 season. A native of Calgary, Stephens chose to pursue his academic career despite having another year of eligibility in… Continue reading Tylan Stephens set to take flight with Dinos

RIM, GPS and the U of C

By Patrick McNaught

Research In Motion, the wireless communication device expert behind the BlackBerry, is helping to fund the University of Calgary’s $1.3 million global positioning system project. The project will study ways to improve GPS capabilities in environments where satellite signals are not as strong, including inside buildings. GPS allows electronic receivers to identify their current location.… Continue reading RIM, GPS and the U of C


By Krista Malden

Together, we help create change.December 6, 1989 : Marc Lepine entered L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montréal and separated the men from the women, opening Þre on all female students and killing 14 women. The Montréal massacre is remembered as the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. A ceremony to remember the victims… Continue reading Remembrance

More than a ribbon

By Melanie McNaughton

On Dec. 6, 1989 Marc Lepine stalked the halls of L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal muttering sexist epithets. He murdered 14 women that day because he felt that they were taking away places that rightfully belonged to men. Recently, I heard these events referred to as the actions of “one idiot with a gun.” In our… Continue reading More than a ribbon