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Gauntlet writer naive, ridiculous, unobjective says loyal reader

By Peter Menzies

Editors, the Gauntlet:Re: Time for a third Calgary Daily? July 20, 2000 Еvan Osentоn is certainly entitled to lobby as vigourously as he wishes for a third Calgary daily newspaper, but his lobby requires some additional perspective. While he is correct in his assertion that most of the striking newsroom employees have opted for the… Continue reading Gauntlet writer naive, ridiculous, unobjective says loyal reader

Gauntlet feature unbalanced

By Peter Menzies

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Who’s afraid of Conrad Black?” March 23, 2000     I have just read the article "Who’s afraid of Conrad Black?" by Еvan Osentоn which was one of the better written articles to have appeared lately in your esteemed organ. While Canadians are free to debate Mr. Black’s extensive newspaper ownership–although why no one worries… Continue reading Gauntlet feature unbalanced

Gauntlet joins CanWest Global

By Floorpail Day

It’s official.Your friendly neighborhood student newspaper is now a part of Izzy Asper’s media empire.“We are proud to welcome the Gauntlet and it’s staff to our growing family of media properties,” said Asper. “I believe that this–acquisition–will benefit both the our Southam publications and University of Calgary.”Asper made the announcement on Mon. April 1 after… Continue reading Gauntlet joins CanWest Global

Student vs. Students’ Union

By Ruth Davenport

A battle of words has reached new heights at the University of Alberta.At the Feb. 5 meeting of the U of A Students’ Council, fourth-year Arts student Paul Conquest served the U of A Students’ Union President Chris Samuel with a defamation lawsuit naming the SU and Samuel personally as defendants."I’ve been contemplating it for… Continue reading Student vs. Students’ Union

In the pursuit of higher learning

By Eric Fung

It wasn’t so much a clash of the titans as it was a polite dialogue.On Tue., Jan. 29, the Higher Education Research Group at the University of Calgary presented the inaugural installation of its "Higher Education in Alberta: the 21st Century" series, intended to stimulate discussion on the future of post-secondary education in this province.This… Continue reading In the pursuit of higher learning

Herald Union rep speaks to students

By Jan Creaser

Calgary Herald reporter Paul Drohan provided first-hand strike knowledge for University of Calgary students Dec. 1 when he addressed a sociology class called Worker Movements and Labour Unions. The Chair of the Picketing Committee spoke honestly about the state of affairs within the Herald which prompted workers to cast strike ballots almost four weeks ago.… Continue reading Herald Union rep speaks to students