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It’s like deja vu

By Silvia de Somma

Fact: the world, at a population of about 6.7 billion, has a relatively even ratio of males to females. This reality seems to be completely unnoticable in The Women, which exaggerates the miniscule female advantage by excluding the male sex from the movie altogether. Not only do you never see their faces or hear their… Continue reading It’s like deja vu

An unvirtuous affair to forget

By Silvia de Somma

Easy Virtue, a play by English playwright Noel Coward and then a silent film by Alfred Hitchcock, is director Stephan Elliott’s fifth movie. Depicting the whirlwind marriage of an upper-class Englishman, John Whittaker (Ben Barnes), to an adventurous American widow, Larita (Jessica Biel), Easy Virtue highlights the effect of the union on John’s strictly traditional… Continue reading An unvirtuous affair to forget

1,000 Journals pieces together a picture of the world

By Silvia de Somma

Sometimes it seems young children are all budding artists, composers and writers. Somewhere along the line, most lose their affinity for creativity. Growing up and maturing is almost synonymous with stagnating imaginations. Probably around the same time, most stop relating to people freely and get a bit jaded about the human condition. Over the past… Continue reading 1,000 Journals pieces together a picture of the world

Weighing in on the Calgary International Film Festival

By Film Fest Team 5000

CIFF is still in full swing and the Gauntlet is here to give you the down-low on the what the festival has to offer with more reviews! The Seven Deadly Sins A vast array of characters introduces us to the perilous indiscretions such as envy, with the exploits of a director whose career fails before… Continue reading Weighing in on the Calgary International Film Festival

Captured motion

By Intrepid Girl Reporters

With the Calgary International Film Festival soon upon us, some of the Gauntlet’s intrepid girl reporters went searching for some of the festival’s best films. Here are some of their thoughts.Max Minsky and Me Nelly Sue Edelmeister’s name is practically bigger than she is. The skinny, awkward 13-year-old girl, blessed with brains, but somewhat lacking… Continue reading Captured motion