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Ralph’s alcoholism a smokescreen

By Chris Morrison

This past August the Gauntlet, the fine paper you are currently reading, held the second Annual Ralph Klein pub crawl. Gauntleteers went to the King Eddy, the Cecil, the St. Louis, and the Bowness Hotel. Not every premier has a pub crawl named in his honour. I grew up in British Columbia and never heard… Continue reading Ralph’s alcoholism a smokescreen

A new Slant in the battle against racism

By Roger Hollands

An emergent voice is speaking out against personal and systemic racism in an effort to promote cultural awareness in Calgary. Slant magazine, a collective, student-run initiative, is the newest addition to the struggle against ignorance. On Thu., Nov. 8, Slant celebrated the launch of their first issue at the Hop and Brew, featuring readings from… Continue reading A new Slant in the battle against racism

Loses something in the translation

By Christine Cheung

In a recent interview, about her latest show An Act of Reverence, Shannon Mackinnon said, "Nobody’s going to learn about how you perceive the world unless you vocalize it." Unfortunately, Mackinnon’s message becomes lost along the way. Mackinnon’s pieces are only partially successful at conveying her intentions. Mackinnon explores aspects of the reclamation of self… Continue reading Loses something in the translation