The dilemma of living in the past

I have a friend who has kept every greeting card she’s ever received. I have another friend who barely tears the envelope before tossing its contents. Each of these habits is demonstrative of a particular worldview. While some people struggle to hold onto the past and, as the cliche goes, “keep their memories alive,” there… Continue reading The dilemma of living in the past

Worst date ever

Worsts’ are the backbone of funny stories. Worst jobs, worst cars and worst roommates all provide fodder for amusing anecdotes. Worst dates are no different, and while some stories gather dust in the recesses of people’s memories or remain stored in old photo albums, others beg to be told over and over. The description of… Continue reading Worst date ever

First kiss fantasies

From fairy tales to romance novels, from sitcoms to full-length movies, we’re taught a first kiss should be romantic, meaningful and emotionally intense. Real life, however, tends to send a different message. From junior high dances to clubs, from first loves to blind dates, first kisses are often awkward, nerve-racking and unsettling. Of course, there… Continue reading First kiss fantasies

Don’t call us…

The phone rings and a sense of dread settles in the pit of your stomach. No, you’re not starring in a sequel to Scream–you’re suffering the aftershocks of giving out your phone number. While supplying your number can result in great conversation, entertaining dates, and even a satisfying relationship, it seems that it can also… Continue reading Don’t call us…

Daring others can be dangerous

For some, proving others wrong is a hobby. The words “I bet you wouldn’t…” are powerful motivators, resulting in many outlandish acts. These feats can be funny, scary and everything in between. I once made the bold statement, "Becky, you’d never have the guts to go and pet that guy’s mullet!" Normally, I would have… Continue reading Daring others can be dangerous

Bedroom etiquette

As children, we learn the basics of etiquette and good manners. They are taught to us by parents, teachers and respectable elders. These coaches, however, seem to be ill equipped when it comes to lessons of bedroom etiquette. Some standards are well known and can relate to life both in and out of the bedroom.… Continue reading Bedroom etiquette