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Head-to-head: NHL preview

By Suneil Sachdeva

The National Hockey League returned on Oct. 1, and unlike last year, hockey fans are looking forward to a full season. Gauntlet sports writers Suneil Sachdeva and Fabian Mayer have answered some burning questions about the next 1230 games. Will the new division playoff format negatively affect the playoff hopes of Eastern Conference teams, who… Continue reading Head-to-head: NHL preview

Human impacts on ecosystem worse than thought

By Fabian Mayer

Humans have an impact on the ecosystems in which they live — this is uncontroversial. However, the question of how exactly humans affect interactions within an ecosystem is still up for debate. New research by University of Calgary ecologists is shedding light on the scale of these impacts. 
 Dr. Tyler Muhly, who headed the… Continue reading Human impacts on ecosystem worse than thought

NHL playoffs: second-round predictions

By Fabian Mayer

Pittsburgh (1) vs. Ottawa (7)
 One of the most interesting match-ups of the second round features Stanley Cup favourites the Pittsburgh Penguins taking on the Ottawa Senators. After picking up veterans Brenden Morrow and long-time Flames captain Jarome Iginla at the trade deadline, the Penguins’s first-round struggles against the New York Islanders were somewhat surprising.… Continue reading NHL playoffs: second-round predictions

Creativity in the classroom

By Fabian Mayer

University of Calgary associate professor 
Robert Kelly recently published a book on the different ways creative learning is being implemented around the world. The book, entitled Educating For Creativity: A Global Conversation, looked at how creativity was used at 20 educational institutions around the world — from elementary to post-secondary.
 Creative education has been the… Continue reading Creativity in the classroom

Federal budget concentrates on jobs

By Fabian Mayer

The federal government announced the annual budget on March 21, which contained no changes to taxation and provisioned for minimal amounts of new spending. Canada will run an $18.7 billion deficit in 2013–14. This will be the sixth-consecutive year that the federal government has run a budgetary deficit.
 The main focus of the 442-page document… Continue reading Federal budget concentrates on jobs

Future of MacHall up for grabs

By Fabian Mayer

The Students’ Union’s current MacEwan Student Centre lease agreement with the University of Calgary will expire in December 2014. The process to renegotiate the agreement is set to start within the next few months.
 The almost 15-year-old lease divides up space and management responsibilities in the building, which is owned by the university but operated… Continue reading Future of MacHall up for grabs

Gauntlet rink reviews: Banff Trail

By Fabian Mayer

This week marks the final Gauntlet rink review. Hopefully spring will arrive soon and reviewing outdoor rinks will become impossible. 
 The rinks are reviewed according to four categories: quality of ice, amenities, clientele and overall experience. 
 Each outdoor rink will be given a score out of five Gauntlet pucks ­— five out of… Continue reading Gauntlet rink reviews: Banff Trail

Peace be the journey

By Fabian Mayer

The 1988 Winter Olympic Games brought international athletes, media and fans to Calgary. There were few athletes who received more attention during those two weeks than the intrepid Jamaican bobsled team. 
 The team’s Olympic dream ended with a horrific crash, but is widely recognized as one of the biggest stories of the entire games.… Continue reading Peace be the journey