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Letter: Tuition response defended

By Julie Bogle

Editor, the Gauntlet: [re: “SU should have stood firm,” editorial and “SU prepares for tuition consultation,” Katy Anderson, Oct. 18 Gauntlet] In the October 18th edition of the Gauntlet, the issue of tuition consultations and the Students’ Union’s involvement was brought to the forefront with the editorial and a news article. I would like to… Continue reading Letter: Tuition response defended

SU View: Thanks for the help!

By Julie Bogle

As President of the University of Calgary’s Students’ Union, and on behalf of the student body, I would like to thank all landlords and homeowners who recently responded to our request to make more accommodations available for students. The response over the last several weeks has been phenomenal and a great support in increasing students’… Continue reading SU View: Thanks for the help!

First rez, next the world!

By Emily Senger

Three rez kids will lead the Students’ Union next year, though they promise not to do it wearing pajama pants and flip-flops. Three of the five executive elected in the SU general election are members of the Residence Students’ Association, including president-elect Julie Bogle, who edged out her nearest competitor by a mere 20 votes.… Continue reading First rez, next the world!

Online Exclusive: SU presidential forum

By Emily Joyce

It can’t be easy to sit for two straight hours of questions. Nonetheless, the three candidates vying for next year’s SU presidency, Julie Bogle, Julie Labonte, and Wilma Shim, remained poised throughout the SU presidential forum, which took place Fri., Feb. 9 in MacEwan Student Centre.The forum followed a standard question and answer format, with… Continue reading Online Exclusive: SU presidential forum

Oval speed skater in a Klassen of her own

By Julie Bogle

Our Olympic Oval was buzzing Mar. 18-19 as the International Skating Union All-Round World Speed Skating Championship took place. There were crashes, disqualifications, cheering fans and new world records. Athletes panted in pain and savoured their victories. The international event saw the Dutch in a sea of orange while the Norwegians cheered with spontaneous ‘festive’… Continue reading Oval speed skater in a Klassen of her own

SU President – Midterm Review

By Sarelle Azuelos

The Students’ Union presidential position keeps Dalmy Baez bouncing around the entire campus much like Tigger. Although she doesn’t have a tail, Baez does have the boundless energy that is necessary for her workload. As president, Baez directs the vice-presidents and tries to keep the SU and administration’s focus on student needs. After a long… Continue reading SU President – Midterm Review