First annual SU community report

By Sarah Dorchak

The Students’ Union presented its first annual report to the community April 5. Throughout the evening, SU president Charlotte Kingston detailed the accomplishments of the 67th Student Legislative Council in working towards their goal of improving accountability and transparency to the community. For 2009-2010, the SU hoped to increase external institutional advocacy, continue to host… Continue reading First annual SU community report

SU ’10/11 executive elected

By Brent Constantin

The Students’ Union announced next year’s executive council with current SU external commissioner Lauren Webber elected to serve as 2010-11 president, having won 53 per cent of the vote. The 21-year-old Webber, daughter of the MLA for Calgary-Foothills, lost her mother to breast cancer just a day before the election results, but despite her loss,… Continue reading SU ’10/11 executive elected

Students’ posters defaced on campaign

By Brent Constantin

With Students’ Union election posters decorating campus, students may not have noticed several being replaced after some posters were targeted with hate vandalism. According to Campus Security, posters hanging in the science building were defaced with anti-religious and racist material Thursday night. With the two candidates primarily affected both being visibly Muslim women, many feel… Continue reading Students’ posters defaced on campaign

Students to march on legislature

By Brent Constantin

Students will have the chance to take their tuition concerns to the provincial government later this month alongside the Students’ Union. The “Legislate This! March to the Legislature” unites students of the universities of Calgary, Alberta and Lethbridge against proposed tuition hikes to professional programs and large compulsory fees next year. “It is our hope… Continue reading Students to march on legislature

Students’ Union byelection winners chosen

By Sydney Stokoe

Once again the time of year where a few students moseyed on down to the polls and cast their vote for who should represent their interests in the Students’ Union has come and gone. That’s right, the SU by-election results have come in, heralding a new operations and finance commissioner and engineering representative. Hardave Birk… Continue reading Students’ Union byelection winners chosen

First rez, next the world!

By Emily Senger

Three rez kids will lead the Students’ Union next year, though they promise not to do it wearing pajama pants and flip-flops. Three of the five executive elected in the SU general election are members of the Residence Students’ Association, including president-elect Julie Bogle, who edged out her nearest competitor by a mere 20 votes.… Continue reading First rez, next the world!

Students get heard during Political Action Week

By Emily Senger

Students around campus have been tenting on the MacEwan Student Centre front lawn, riding a mechanical bull and eating large amounts of mac n’ cheese to protest student debt and a lack of affordable housing in Calgary as part of the Students’ Union Political Action Week. The SU kicked off the week with a pancake… Continue reading Students get heard during Political Action Week