Choose your own Monster

I was a bit daunted when our Entertainment Editor asked me to review Jeff Burk’s newest book, Super Giant Monster Time. The name itself makes me want to read it, but I wasn’t sure how to handle reviewing a choose-your-own-adventure book, especially one written by such an absurd and irreverent author as Burk. He’s the… Continue reading Choose your own Monster

Words for Warmth

‘Tis the season, or so they say. As the holidays come and go, people are more taken to generosity as their thoughts drift to those less fortunate. However, good intentions alone rarely make a difference. "The idea was always there, it’s all just a matter of getting up and doing it," explains Jordan Dack, also… Continue reading Words for Warmth

The only two bookstores on campus

If you’re attending the University of Calgary, don’t get your proverbial knickers in a knot over buying textbooks. With the right know-how and a little sleuthing, not only will your book buying be trouble-free, you can also save a few bucks along the way. You’re really stuck with two options: the university-run new bookstore, or… Continue reading The only two bookstores on campus

The resistance against corporate culture grows

If No Logo was the anti-globalization “movement Bible,” then Naomi Klein’s follow up Fences and Windows is Revelations.In its introduction, Klein explains the difference. While No Logo was thesis based, as it served to bring to light the source of much of the anti-globalization movement and activist culture, Fences and Windows is a play-by-play of… Continue reading The resistance against corporate culture grows

Campus bookstore missing some books

Two weeks into class, some students are already behind on their readings–not because they slack off, but because their texts are unavailable.“I wouldn’t say it’s worse than usual,” said Wayne Borgstrom, Supervisor of Textbooks and Custom Course Materials at the U of C Bookstore. “I think it’s better than most years.”According to Borgstrom, as of… Continue reading Campus bookstore missing some books