Online Exclusive: Sled Island 2012 show reviews

Since its debut in 2007, Sled Island has captured the hearts of audiences across Canada. This captivation is the result of many distinct parts: the amazing venues, talented musicians and local art all play role in making the festival what it is. Yet the thing that rules most about Sled Island is its simplicity —… Continue reading Online Exclusive: Sled Island 2012 show reviews

High hopes go limp for Members

“Tradin’ in respect to push a fat Lex / Puff rhymin’ on the remix, what’s next?”–Binary StarIt had such promise. An up-and-coming hip hop act out of Vancouver taking the stage with labelmates from the West Coast of both the U.S. and Canada. It had such promise.Damn you, Heineken.The long, drawn-out and ultimately drunken affair… Continue reading High hopes go limp for Members

Teachin’ the issues and playin’ the music

Last Saturday’s annual Rock Against Racism offered an eclectic mix of local acts, ranging from aboriginal MC Otachimow to punk headliner Field Day. The event also featured a second stage with more local talent and educational kiosks from local awareness groups such as show was basically two separate unrelated shows. The first was a… Continue reading Teachin’ the issues and playin’ the music

Unplugged… again

Stragglers and latecomers alike were forced to sit all by their lonesome as Unplugged 3 packed into the Boris Roubakine recital hall.The third instalment of the Busking for Smiles acoustic music series was a smashing success as a handful of local singer/songwriters played to an appreciative packed house. The brainchild of BFS executive Lance Farkas,… Continue reading Unplugged… again

Homesickness sets in again

There were plenty of high hopes in the sold out Stampede Corral, and Nickleback didn’t disappoint.Frontman Chad Kroeger scored a frenzied reaction when he started the night by thanking fans in true rock-star style."I would like to thank everyone who stood in line, borrowed someone’s credit card, stole some money or sold some weed to… Continue reading Homesickness sets in again