Exporting our doctors

Just when it seemed the debate on private vs. public health care had been shelved… The controversy was back on the agenda last week when it became known the Calgary Health Region put in a bid to offer consulting services for private British health clinics due to recent trouble in the British public health system.… Continue reading Exporting our doctors

Love is blind, the law should be too

Despite the theoretically secular nature of the Canadian government, religion has been thrust into the parliamentary theatre once again due to recent debates and court decisions on homosexual marriage. Constitutional liberties aside, giving spiritual leverage to any argument in this discussion is not only politically backward, it’s downright hypocritical. Christians have long played the tune… Continue reading Love is blind, the law should be too

Race for Prime Minister already over?

Will Paul Martin be the next Prime Minister? Most Calgary news journals and programs would have you believe as much. Why bother inform the public of John Manley’s platform, or of the fast approaching PC leadership competition? Does anyone actually care to read about candidates that have no bearing on the country’s fate? February’s Liberal… Continue reading Race for Prime Minister already over?

Harvey’s world

Once upon a time, Canadians were very fond of wine and gardens. However, one national leader came very close to destroying the country. This is how it all happened:Young, and sporting a hockey jersey on his days off, he looked like the kind of guy you would want running the country; he was one of… Continue reading Harvey’s world

Do SUVs fuel terrorism?

According to an American protest group, driving an SUV fuels terrorism. Gas profits incurred by corrupt oil companies in the Middle East are used to blow up buildings, build secret weapons of mass destruction and pay Osama Bin Laden’s utility bills. SUVs consume more gas than most vehicles, therefore SUV drivers are mutually responsible for… Continue reading Do SUVs fuel terrorism?

Health care sluts

Though the Canadian health care system has been in perpetual need of reform since its establishment in 1957, there is yet to be a report that Ottawa can live with. Over the last 50 years, she has flirted with many a health care expert. On several occasions, she maintained a promising relationship, but in the… Continue reading Health care sluts

Striving for last place

Since my first year at the University of Calgary, I have become accustomed to the annual shock and outrage expressed by students and other Calgarians as the U of C’s reputation sinks lower and lower in Maclean’s annual ranking of Canadian universities. How anyone could possibly be shocked at the university’s poor standing is beyond… Continue reading Striving for last place

Outside the walls of academia

College is a great place to flaunt one’s individuality. While a veritable breeding ground of liberal thinking and open-mindedness, it’s not surprising that unique personalities flourish or that inhibitions fail to hinder those who would elsewhere be shy. Here at the University of Calgary, it’s easy to make a statement and offer new–sometimes unconventional–ideas to… Continue reading Outside the walls of academia