By Eric Fung

The University of Calgary’s regime, led by President Harvey Weingarten, has cemented itself as the party in charge by these two ideologies: differential tuition and the Academic Plan. They are new ideas in the history of the U of C. These are sweeping changes that will affect the U of C negatively or positively-depending who… Continue reading History

Differential tuition: More cash for U of C

By Вen Li

In the wake of September 11, global economic malaise and a multi-million dollar budget deficit in the next two years, the University of Calgary regime has instituted differential tuition to rationalize its finances. Some expensive programs will now cost more to attend than others. Surprisingly the fiscally conservative regime learned this practice from such bastions… Continue reading Differential tuition: More cash for U of C

Academic Plan: The first five-year plan

By Вen Li

The University of Calgary’s Academic Plan-like five-year plans from Soviet Russia, Communist China, the Liberal Red Book and almost every other university across Canada-presents itself as the guiding force uniting and strengthening the organization’s activities for the years 2002–2006. And like the other aforementioned plans, very few people outside the leadership circle understand the plan’s… Continue reading Academic Plan: The first five-year plan

U of C Regime

By Natalie Sit

Precious little is known about the inner workings of the University of Calgary administration, but what is known from the grad student research work units to the monolithic bureaucracy is all controlled by President Harvey Weingarten and his minions. Besides overseeing the university, Weingarten is responsible for academic work and business affairs at the university… Continue reading U of C Regime

Students’ Union, definitely not a regime

By Natalie Sit

Adjacent, in a useless way, is the Students’ Union. Elected by less than 20 per cent of the eligible student population, it tries to sway the university and provincial regimes to grant more money during tuition time, although not successfully. However they are helpful to students when plagues and locusts rain down. There’s the Campus… Continue reading Students’ Union, definitely not a regime