The beauty beneath

Isn’t it enough to live in a world where we are all judged harshly and cruelly on our outward appearances? A world where our insecurities fuel innumerable multi-million dollar industries created to sculpt, disguise, change, flaunt and otherwise alter our outward appearance to fit a narrowly defined standard of beauty. Isn’t it enough that we… Continue reading The beauty beneath

Xmas with perks

Jesus versus Santa Claus. No, it’s not a special holiday installment of Celebrity Boxing, it’s the battle silently taking place in many homes that celebrate Christmas each year. As our culture has grown increasingly secular, we have discarded the reasons for the holidays, replacing the religious meaning with candy and gifts. We’ve traded the “eternal… Continue reading Xmas with perks

A global potluck

For those who oppose globalization, one of the biggest concerns associated with the concept is Westernization, or worse– Americanization. One of the arguments that seems to surface every time the dirty G-word is mentioned is the hell that will ensue if globalization continues and every city in the world has a McDonald’s at one end… Continue reading A global potluck