Bush shows true colours

ichard Clarke was a bureaucrat in the White House, heading counter-terrorism efforts under both the Clinton and current Bush administrations and had been a public servant since the Nixon regime. Richard Clarke is now one of the most influential men in American domestic politics. Clarke’s meteoric rise to political stardom started Sun., Mar. 21 with… Continue reading Bush shows true colours

A second look at proportional representation

A recent trend among democratic reformers is a clamour to change the way in which we elect our officials, especially at the federal level. Right now, our system is a first-past-the post-system. So, in every riding no matter the percentage of the vote, the person in first place wins. Democratic reformers want to switch proportional… Continue reading A second look at proportional representation

Selling drugs or disease?

As detailed by Naomi Klein in her book No Logo, the transition between marketing products and marketing a brand was the transition from marketing materials to marketing a lifestyle. Each market has its own preferred idea. Cleaning products have the most direct correlation with their products, they emphasize cleanliness as the virtue. As the selling… Continue reading Selling drugs or disease?

Anti-Bush not anti-American

Rick Mercer, a CBC comedian, gained the most attention for his series of segments and subsequent special, Talking to Americans. It tapped a secret joy of Canadians, consisting of Mercer illustrating the ignorance of the American public, and sometimes their leaders, by asking questions with misleading preambles. It is questionable whether Canadians would have answered… Continue reading Anti-Bush not anti-American

Stronach unqualified Conservative Party leader

Belinda Stronach will not win the Conservative Party’s leadership. Stronach, the daughter of an auto parts tycoon, has many obstacles on the road to success. I believe these obstacles are insurmountable. First of all, she is a political baby. She is a board member of several distinguished organizations, including the JFK School of Government at… Continue reading Stronach unqualified Conservative Party leader

Politics are unpredictable and unscientific

From the dawn of the 20th century, science has been the “it” word. Soon, anything academic had to be labelled “science,” even if it did not approach the definition of science. It is no surprise, then, that this university, established in the golden age of this etymological disaster, would dole out department names inconsistent with… Continue reading Politics are unpredictable and unscientific

Savoury TV

This year has, generally, been an awful year for American television. Only in a horrible year can shows like Whoopi be considered for renewal. I try to be a television watcher, I want to love TV, but I’m finding it harder and harder. Every time I like a show it gets cancelled, so, I’m going… Continue reading Savoury TV

Motivated by fear

During a recent viewing of Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, I was struck by the thesis of the film, best presented by Marilyn Manson. The idea was that fear inculcated by the news media is an important contributing factor to the gun violence epidemic in the United States, and the mainstream media has juxtaposed the… Continue reading Motivated by fear

Believe it or not, this is the headline

I cannot help but thinking there is nothing. There, a direct confrontation with nihilism. Nihilism is a philosophy that believes in nothing, it is an untenable position to hold. If one is reasonable, and holds the position, suicide is a necessary result. If you cannot believe in anything, then your life will hold no value… Continue reading Believe it or not, this is the headline