Ingenue meets Pochsy

By Karoline Czerski

She’s the embodiment of North America’s media culture–an obsessive, hyper-human consumer. She’s the gross product of dangerous ignorance, peering at the world through large, school-girl eyes. She’s Citizen Pochsy, star of Head Movements of a Long-Haired Girl. Karen Hines, creator and director of, not to mention actor in, Citizen Pochsy quickly admits the long-haired girl… Continue reading Ingenue meets Pochsy

Art house cinema finds its way to ATP’s stage

By James Keller

That Alberta Theatre Projects’ newest production watches and feels like an art-house film is no coincidence. Two years after its stage debut, The Shape of Things was adapted for the screen, starring the original cast and premiering at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. Six years earlier, playwright-cum-filmmaker Neil LaBute, who penned the scripts for both… Continue reading Art house cinema finds its way to ATP’s stage

Mob Hit Productions answers with The Ugly Man

By Jael Wong

Looking to indulge your lust for the dark and twisted? Mob Hit Productions has just the thing to whet your carnal appetite. From Wed., Mar. 31 through Sat., Apr. 10, the company will present The Ugly Man, a tale of sex, lust and revenge by Alberta playwright Brad Fraser.The play puts a modern spin on… Continue reading Mob Hit Productions answers with The Ugly Man

Puppetry asks:

By James Keller

In Provenance, puppeteer Ronnie Burkett is faced with a complex task. Not only does he have to create an interesting story and believable characters, both through a powerful script and talented acting, but he has to do so through inanimate objects. Given the subject matter, this is no easy task.Provenance follows Pity Beane, a young… Continue reading Puppetry asks:

Marionettes and Viennese brothels

By James Keller

In the world of marionettes, everything is smaller. The sets, the costumes, the players–everything, that is, except the characters. Provenance, Ronnie Burkett’s newest production since his acclaimed Happy took the stage in 2000, follows Pity Beane, a young, naïve Canadian art student. After becoming obsessed with Tender, a mysterious boy whose portrait catches her eye,… Continue reading Marionettes and Viennese brothels

A suffragist battle royale

By Jesse Keith

Nellie McClung is a name synonymous with the women’s rights movement in Canada. You might remember her from your grade 10 Social Studies class, a Canadian Heritage commercial on CBC, or maybe you’ve seen her statue gracing Olympic Plaza or Parliament Hill. History has made McClung the poster girl for the women’s suffrage movement in… Continue reading A suffragist battle royale


By Ashley Martin

School is back and after a crazy summer of parties and road trips it’s good to get back into a routine. But wait! Your entertainment scene doesn’t have to be as mundane as your classes–mix it up with some live entertainment courtesy of Alberta Theatre Projects.This month atp is putting on the award winning play,… Continue reading Proof

Body and the city

By Tiffany MacKay

Engaging theatre at its best, Bubonic Tourist’s newest presentation of innovative theatre encompasses movement, images and a soundscape.A Calgary-based group, they have taken their experiences at the University of Calgary and incorporated what they felt was a needed outlet for this type of theatre. Their newest production, Loss, Growth, Renewal, in the City, features the… Continue reading Body and the city